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  • Consulting at Cbox

    Development and Innovation Driven by Expertise

    In a world of constant change, technological agility and foresight are crucial for any business. At Cbox, I offer in-depth consulting in IT operations, hosting, software development, product development, and CTO-related tasks. My approach is rooted in extensive experience and a deep passion for technology.

    IT Operations

    I assist you in ensuring that your IT systems operate efficiently and stably. Through optimization, automation, scaling, and robust recovery plans, I ensure that your infrastructure optimally supports your business. Specializing in CI/CD pipelines and DevOps, I guarantee a smooth and secure development cycle.


    Your online presence should be on a platform that matches your ambition levels. I advise on everything from simple web hosting solutions to advanced dedicated servers and scalable cloud services. Find the right hosting solution through tailored advice that considers performance, security, and growth potential.


    With a strong technical background, I create custom software solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. I ensure that you get quality coding and systems that are ready for today's and future challenges.

    Product Development

    I guide you from the initial idea phase to the final product launch. By applying agile methods and the latest technology, such as computer vision and advanced language models, I ensure that your product is innovative and at the forefront of technology.

    CTO Services

    As your external CTO, I offer strategic guidance, technical management, and monitoring of your projects. My consulting is targeted at transforming technological challenges into business opportunities.

    When you choose Cbox as your consulting partner, you choose more than just expertise - you get a dedicated ally in your pursuit of success. Contact Cbox today and take the first step towards a future where technology and innovation go hand in hand with your business development.