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    A Journey with Unity 3D - From Neighbor to Partner in Innovation

    My engagement with Unity 3D, one of the leading platforms in game development, began in the early days of their journey. As a neighbor to Unity 3D, when they had their office on the 5th floor at the IT University of Copenhagen, I got a unique opportunity to become part of their exciting development journey.

    Hosting Unity 3D's First Public Release

    In a time when Unity 3D was in its infancy, and the platform was only available for Mac users, I played a central role in hosting Unity 3D's first public release. This milestone was not only a defining moment for Unity 3D but also proof of my ability to provide reliable hosting solutions, even for cutting-edge technologies.

    Contributing to the Game Development Community

    This project was more than just hosting; it was a contribution to the growing community of game developers. By supporting Unity 3D's first steps, I helped pave the way for countless developers who would later use the platform to create amazing game worlds.

    From Neighbor to Long-term Relationship

    My early interaction with Unity 3D laid the foundation for a continued relationship with the game development world. It highlighted my dedication to supporting innovative technologies and my capacity to deliver solutions that can help realize the potential of such technologies.

    Unity 3D Today

    Today, Unity 3D is a recognized leader in game development, offering a comprehensive set of tools for developers worldwide. My early experience working closely with Unity 3D has provided me with insight and understanding of the technological needs and challenges that modern game developers face.