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  • Cabinn Hotels Project at Cbox

    Transformative IT Consultation in a Period of Change

    When Cabinn Hotels faced a generational shift in their IT leadership and organization, I stepped in as a consultant to bring clarity and structure to their IT infrastructure. My task was to address the challenges and lack of documentation that Cabinn was facing - a task that required both deep technical understanding and strategic planning.

    Structuring and Organizing Infrastructure

    I worked closely with the IT department of Cabinn Hotels to structure and organize their infrastructure. This included a detailed mapping and documentation of their servers, switches, security cameras, phones, and access points. Through this process, we created a clear overview and a solid foundation for future IT management and development.

    Upgrading WiFi and Network Solutions

    After a thorough analysis of the hotel's WiFi, which suffered from many guest complaints, I implemented a comprehensive upgrade. We replaced older switches and access points with an advanced Ubiquiti solution. This resulted in a significant improvement in network performance and guest experience.

    Cabinn Wifi scan.

    Innovation in Telephony and Room Administration

    A significant part of my work included the integration of 3CX IP telephony into the hotel's room phones, coupled with integration into the booking systems. This system enabled the cleaning staff to report room readiness and any issues efficiently. Additionally, IP to analog gateways were set up to preserve the existing analog phones, ensuring a smooth transition and economic efficiency.

    Network Installation in New Construction

    In connection with new construction at Cabinn Hotels, I was responsible for the installation and patching of network and WiFi solutions for guests. This ensured that the new facilities were fully equipped with modern and efficient IT solutions from the start.

    The Result

    The result of my work at Cabinn Hotels was a significantly improved and modernized IT infrastructure that not only solved existing problems but also laid the groundwork for efficient and future-proof operations. Through strategic planning, technological innovation, and close collaboration with Cabinn Hotels, it was possible to transform their IT landscape for the benefit of both employees and guests.