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    Inspection Cloud / EasyInspect is a flagship project at Cbox, where, as a co-founder and CTO, I have had the unique opportunity to lead the development of an innovative digital inspection and quality control solution.

    This project represents a fusion of advanced technology and practical applicability, transforming inspection processes in various industries.

    Here you can see a video of a Drone Inspection that I conducted on the Great Belt Bridge with a DJI Matrice drone.

    My Role and Vision:

    In my role, I have been responsible for the strategic and technical development of our platform, customer relations, employee development, and participation in day-to-day operations. My vision was to create a solution that not only meets but exceeds industrial needs for inspection and quality control, while being intuitive and user-friendly.

    Technological Breakthroughs:

    Under my leadership, we have achieved significant technological advances:

    - Computer Vision for Industrial Use:

    We have developed advanced computer vision technology for annotation, training, and inference, particularly focused on damage detection in materials such as concrete and on wind turbine blades.

    - Innovation in Damage Analysis with 3D Reconstruction:

    Our team has created algorithms that use 3D reconstruction to identify and visualize unique damages from multiple angles, providing a detailed spatial understanding of the extent of damages.

    - Accurate Measurement of Damages:

    We have implemented technology that can accurately measure the size of damages, which is crucial for effective maintenance and safety measures.

    Collaboration and Success:

    Inspection Cloud / EasyInspect has had successful collaborations with prominent players such as the Road Directorate, Sund & Bælt, SBB, Cowi, and Rambøll. Through these projects, we have demonstrated the value and effectiveness of our solution.


    Inspection Cloud / EasyInspect stands as a testament to Cbox's commitment to creating groundbreaking technological solutions.

    Visit to explore more about Inspection Cloud / EasyInspect and other innovative projects.