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    Pioneering in Web Hosting from 2004 to 2008

    In a period where web hosting and domain purchasing were relatively expensive, I developed two groundbreaking web hosting services, and These services quickly gained significant popularity with over 100,000 active users and created a thriving community where members learned to develop websites in PHP.

    Growth and Community Management

    During the rapid growth of these services, it became necessary to recruit additional moderators to manage the growing user base. As the primary person responsible for both and, I led the daily operations and communication, ensuring the integrity of the community and promoting an environment of learning and innovation.

    Challenges and Closure

    Despite their success, both services faced challenges, primarily increasing misuse in the form of illegally uploaded material and a general decline in hosting prices in the market. These factors led to the closure of both and From Start to Development was launched by Søren Nielsen in 2003, and I joined the project in 2004. My contribution consisted of server operation and PHP development. We used Apache's mod_rewrite to rewrite subdomains into chrooted directories, which allowed adding new users dynamically without having to reload Apache. This innovative solution was necessary due to limited server capacity and because the site was run from a converted desktop machine. A New Chapter

    Following disagreements about the future direction of, I established This service offered more storage space and advanced features, supported by more powerful servers. made it possible to reload Apache configurations as needed, improving security and allowing users to attach their own domains.